About us

Green Taxi is a unique and innovative company operating on the Polish market. It deals with electric vehicles renting and, in cooperation with Green Convert company, customers’ combustion engine vehicle fleets’ conversion into electric ones. Our offer is especially directed towards taxi companies, companies in possession of their own car fleets and public administration bodies. We offer a dedicated range of services tailored to specific needs to each group.  

We have rich market and technological experience. Our products are supported and are being constantly improved in the process of business cooperation of companies associated within Green Cars Cluster. The entities within the Cluster deal with development of technology and infrastructure related to electric mobility.  

In the long run, an environmentally friendly conversion of car fleets is inevitable. It is justified by ecological and economic reasons. Reduction of fumes’ emission has a positive impact on the environment and increases health safety of the entire society. In turn, profitability of “green cars” technology’s implementation is decided by growing fuels’ prices and less frequent failure occurrence and self-operation of such constructions.